We Are The Process is a creative team and clothing label from Atlanta, GA. The team originally operated as Epidemik Coalition when they met as students at Portfolio Center. During that time, the team, consisting of Larry Luk, Jorge Menes and Georgios Saliaris, taught themselves how to screen print in conjunction with their highly demanding design school program. They fell in love with the learning process and that led them to rebrand in 2009 officially as We Are The Process, the same year they graduated from Portfolio Center and moved the brand into The Center for Design Study. The team spent a calendar year shaping their vision for the brand. Illustration, collaboration and discussion became core to any project moving forward. 

A year later, the team moved into a studio on Mitchell Street in downtown Atlanta, where they prepped the final details for the launch of the first official We Are The Process collection. The lookbook was photographed during a pre-launch event at El Bar Atlanta, one of the team’s favorite late night party spots. Later that year, the team featured WATP at Agenda Show in San Diego, where they picked up their very first out-of-state accounts. 

Soon afterwards the team moved studios to East Point, GA where they shared a space with now-Brooklyn-based photographer, Joe Martinez. During this time the team grew accounts for WATP across the Southern United States, showcased twice at SXSW in Austin, made multiple brand appearances in Charleston's The Big Mix, and participated in many collaborative projects with Charlotte-based Permanent Vacation Crew.

A few years and a few collections later, the team moved to their current studio in the Poncey-Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta. The team realized their location in the middle of the city allowed for increased productivity, creativity, and connection with the community. Upon this move, WATP shifted focus directly to fans of the brand. Now the team fulfills orders directly to individuals through the brand's online store and partners with their favorite local businesses to create unique Open House experiences at their Atlanta studio several times a year. Keep an eye on WATP’s social media handles for more information regarding the next Open House event.